Darek (juggleboy720) wrote in jasonmraz,

Full Ottawa Show (Oct 5, 2010) in HD on Youtube & A Couple New MP3s

Things are pretty quiet around here so I thought I'd post this up for folks who might be interested in watching. Some great new tunes and awesome versions of old favorites. All thanks to Youtube user Hekskey for taping and uploading. You can watch the whole show on his Youtube channel HERE. Here's "Song for a Dancer" as a sample of the quality.

There's full lossless audio of this show available on Archive.org HERE.

Here's an MP3 of the tune that doesn't have a firm title at the moment but is being called Rescue or I'll Never Let You Down, from the above show.

While I'm here, I don't think I ever uploaded a version of "In Your Hands", so here's an MP3 of that from the show at the Santa Barbara Bowl on 10/08/2010.

Comments always welcome and appreciated.

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