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You want more new tunes? You got it.

The ramp-up has begun for the new album. The Mraz website, as well as RKOP are in for major changes in the coming months and J is busy laying down tracks and still writing for the new album, not-so-tentatively titled "LOVE". With that in mind, I've uploaded a few new things for ya'll to check out if you haven't already, some newer than others. As always, you can find my entire collection listed HERE and I'd appreciate a comment if you're snagging anything. If you have any trouble with the files let me know.

Lucky feat. Tristan Prettyman - They did this one together for the first time at the Feeding the Soul event in December. Tristan was not proud of her performance, but I can't imagine this will be the last time they perform it.
Years Go Fast (AKA: When We Die) - With Raining Jane. There's a video of this one HERE.
Sail Away - From the same short set with Raining Jane.
Rescue (acoustic) - I already have this one uploaded with the full band, but it's quite different acoustic.
High Friend - Written and performed with The Natters at the Feeding the Soul event.
Just Be Honest - This is a video rip from one of the impromptu shows J did when he was driving back from VA to CA. Video HERE.
You Fuckin' Did It! - This was the first known performance of this tune. It's missing a bit and has already changed somewhat since, as you can hear in THIS VIDEO of another performance.

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