Darek (juggleboy720) wrote in jasonmraz,

Great New Show Recording - 7 New Tunes!

The always fully awesome Jon Koch, posted a fantastic recording of a recent Mraz gig from mid-march during which J played 7 of his new(ish) tunes. It's a Matrix tape meaning the soundboard source was mixed with floor mics to make for a balanced, clear and nearly professional sounding tape. I'm going to post the one brand new tune ("What We Love is What We Become") in mp3 here, but please head over to the archive link and download the whole set in lossless format. It's worth your time for the full and clear version of "You Fuckin' Did It" alone. Here's the link and full setlist:

Jason Mraz w/Toca Rivera (feat. Raining Jane) - Live at Linksoul Lab 03/11/2011

Vallie introduces Jason
They Shaped My Life
Thinkin' About You
All Dialed In
You Fuckin' Did It
Frank D. Fixer
Sail Away
What We Love Is What We Become (<-MP3 download)

All thanks to Jon for this. If you ever run into one of the dedicated Mraz tapers at a show down the road, give them a high five and say thanks.

If you have questions about downloading and converting from Archive, don't hesitate to ask.

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